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Presentazione: Emilia Antifascista.
Monitoraggio sui fascismi nei territori di Modena, Bologna e Carpi

Monitoraggio sui fascismi nei territori di Bologna, Carpi, Reggio Emilia e Modena

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Pizzata d’autofinanziamento a cura di Olé – Oltre l’Editoria

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Bologna Elettrica preview

Delmore FX


Delmore Fx is the solo Project of Elia Buletti, the man behind the
Berlin based label Das Andere Selbst. “Altogether, let`s call it just
bedroom tribalism”.

Jealousy Party


Jealousy Party is a Berlin based abstract R&B outfit blending noise
and improvisation with funk, avant rock, dub and idiosyncratic
electronic collage – a fusion they term Punca. Founded in Florence,
Italy in 1995 by producers Roberta WJM Andreucci and Mat Pogo, JP keep
their line-up open to variations and explorations, with multi-
instrumentalist Edoardo Ricci as their main collaborator.

Dj Balli

Modern, liberated, contemporary, of a broad spectrum, artistic,
intellectual, post-organic, vegetative, stress-relieving,experimental,
extraordinary. All these adjectives are often applied to electronic
music, with Dj Balli (Sonic Belligeranza records) things are


Illustrazione: Hal9000